Connecticut Carry Response to Governor’s Domestic Violence Bill


A bill with no research and even less common sense

Hartford, CT, March 14, 2015:

On March 11th, the Connecticut Judiciary Committee held a Public Hearing to discuss several bills in front of a standing room only hearing room that will impact our individual rights in Connecticut.

Senate Bill 650 – A bill seeking to remove due process from the restraining order process

House Bill 6848 – A bill seeking to remove due process from the restraining order process

House Bill 6962 – A government overreach seeking to criminalize gun owners for keeping their firearms accessible when in their homes.

These bills were widely and universally rejected by the advocates for individual rights that appeared at the hearing, including Connecticut Carry. More instructive in this hearing, though were the arguments from the proponents. At the end of the day, when the two sides had battled things out in front of the legislature, the proponents of the anti-rights bills were left with a singular refrain: “there is a lack of education about the risk warrant statute”. Interestingly, Connecticut Carry has been the sole organization to spend time and money to educate members of the public, state government and law enforcement about the Risk Warrant statute (CGS 29-38c) in Connecticut, which has been law for 15 years and has been discussed at length in both the media and in cases all over the state.

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What are you carrying?

Proper firearms selection is very important. I hear a lot of clichés and statements from people on this topic that often concern me. Things like “Better to have a .22 in your pocket, than a .45 in your safe.”. While there is a bit of wisdom here, in that you should always have the means to defend yourself on your person, I find the notion to be a bit of a false dichotomy.

“A false dilemma, or false dichotomy, is a logical fallacy which involves presenting two opposing views, options or outcomes in such a way that they seem to be the only possibilities: that is, if one is true, the other must be false, or, more typically, if you do not accept one then the other must be accepted.”

A much better statement would be “A gun is supposed to be comforting, not comfortable”. Otherwise commonly stated by Director of Education Ray Johansen during his seminar, The Rights, Responsibilities and Mindset of the Armed Citizen: “This lifestyle sucks.”. Those of us who carry firearms as a matter of lifestyle have recognized and acknowledged that evil exists and the only way to stop that kind of evil is to cause a sudden and rapid drop in blood pressure by poking multiple holes in our attacker with a projectile weapon. The best way currently to do this effectively is through the use of a firearm, and the easiest type of firearm to have with you at all times is a handgun.

So if the reason we carry a firearm is to be able to accurately poke multiple holes in an aggressive two-legged predator before they can do the same or worse to us, than why start off with a handicap? Why carry the smallest pistol we can find with the lowest capacity? Too many times when this is brought up, people assert vociferously that you cannot carry a full sized or compact pistol concealed. For me, this is always at least a little bit comical, because while they are telling me this, I usually have a full sized Glock 22 with a weapon light on it in my holster, often much to the surprise of the person telling me this.

But that is another topic that can be talked about. In Connecticut, with a pistol permit, there is no mandate for concealment, so it is not a legal issue. And as someone who has spent plenty of time carrying concealed and unconcealed and everything in-between, I can tell you that quite simply, no one notices your gun. It really doesn’t matter how well or how poorly you are concealing. The only thing you will experience is your own self-awareness and anxiety.

This leads to the other argument that I often get: It is a tactical advantage for no one to be able to detect your firearm. Well, that certainly might a reasonable argument, but when you consider that many people who say this have limited themselves to 4-8 rounds in a pocket pistol, often in a sub-caliber like .380 ACP, .25 ACP or .22LR, when the firearm itself is not as readily accessible, it is not a strong argument.

One of the major problems with a small pocket pistol is that they are not easy firearms to master, and few people spend a lot of time training with them, because they are uncomfortable and difficult to train with. Training in real defensive handgun classes with actual drawing from a holster, firing, reloading, and learning to shoot on the move is the key to effectively defending yourself.

When it comes right down to it, in this day and age, with all of the holsters and concealment tools that are at your disposal, it is not that much more difficult to conceal a full sized pistol on you than it is to carry a sub compact or a pocket pistol. A quick look at standard Glock sizing shows how small the differences really are.

Even a sub-compact pistol like the Glock 26 is better in a fight than a tiny pocket pistol, but having a full sized firearm means that you have the best handgun defensive capability that is available to you. And the best part is that you can use that same firearm to train with, to keep in the nightstand at night, or whatever else you desire. Not needing to switch pistols for training, shooting, carrying and home defense increases your mastery of a single pistol.

Ultimately, the choice of what you carry, is of course, up to you alone. I simply ask that if you are of the mindset that a pocket pistol is ‘enough’, that you spend some time and reconsider your options and choices. If your decision is to carry a pocket pistol, or something with similar limitations, I would strongly suggest you take your gun, holster and whatever other equipment that you normally carry on a daily basis and enter one of the numerous defensive handgun courses that actually puts you through real training on how to draw, fire, reload and move. That is one of the only reasonable activities that you can engage in where you can give a true test to your equipment. It is very common in training courses, particularly 101-style courses, to see people shedding equipment and using alternative equipment. This is how you ensure that the choices you made are the right choices.

Summary Judgment Where are we? Where are we going?

It has been a few months since we really commented on Summary Judgment, the show we were the main sponsor of from May until December of 2014. Even though we publish most details of the decisions, income and expenditures in our monthly Director’s meeting minutes, I know there are still many that do not read them. So I wanted to take this opportunity to update our members.

When Director of Legal Affairs Edward Peruta originally pitched Summary Judgment, a live call-in talk show, his idea was to have a voice that could reach as far as possible to talk about the issues in Connecticut and educate people about those issues on a weekly basis ahead of the November election. Connecticut Carry’s board of directors voted in April to sponsor Summary Judgment until November to the tune of $120 per week. Director Ed Peruta also sought sponsorship from a number of sponsors at varying level of financial commitments.

The show hit the air in May and so far the team have produced over 35 episodes with great material and excellent, fact based discussions. The team started out as a skeleton crew with a goal of getting the word out every week and trying to learn and improve the quality of the show as they went on. At various points, it was all hands on deck, as we ended up needing the Connecticut Carry leadership team to help produce when other personnel was not available.

The work was, and is, done at the Public Access TV station in Wethersfield on a shoe string budget. Nowadays, they do have a professional film crew courtesy of The Intervale Group and some helpful volunteers. We have asked members to contribute to the team by lending their time and expertise several times and people have stepped forward to assist, which is fantastic.

In November, we decided as a board to end the sponsorships to Summary Judgment as agreed upon. The show had achieved what it set out to do, which was a goal that persisted through the election season. The crew persisted, however, and the show is still going on even now. Connecticut Carry is no longer financially sponsoring the show, but we are there at least in spirit and we are proud of the intrepid crew and the work they have done and continue to do.

In the end, there were definitely lessons to be learned from the show’s production. We sent out hundreds of DVDs, stickers and invoices to our sponsors. Only a few actually contributed, and less did so consistently. The ones that did, however, really helped the show along. Having that financial support increased what was able to be done with the show and kept the total financial burden off of Connecticut Carry. Originally, however, we had planned on quite a bit more financial support due to sponsor commitments. We learned quickly that these kinds of agreements are not always reliable; not all sponsors are created equal.

The show also had its fair share of bad luck with public access TV. Broken equipment, studio fees, a lack of technical support and in some cases, horribly outdated systems, led to a string of problems and issues that plagued the early episodes, especially with a novice crew. But the crew dug out of those issues and slowly things got better. At various points, it was considered though that things might simpler, and possibly cheaper in the long run, to not film at a public access station, and instead at a place where we had exclusive control over the equipment. That never came to fruition, in part because of the growing familiarity with the station, and in part to the unexpected lack of funding.

Connecticut Carry wishes the best luck to Summary Judgment, and urges our members to check the show out and watch it regularly. It is a great place to learn about what is going on in Connecticut from some of the best minds in Connecticut.





Politics, Ignorance, BATF, & Ammo Restrictions, Versus Our Constitutional Rights

One of my blog followers suggested that I tackle the issue of BATF regulated ammo bans, in light of more stringent bans that are supposed to be instituted by the BATF. Anti-gun politicians and their crowd are trying to kill the ownership and use of the AR-15, and its ammo. Personally, I couldn’t care less about owning an AR-15, but I completely disapprove of this lame duck presidency and its anti-Rights cronies’ desperate attempts to ram unconstitutional nonsense down the throat of every law-abiding citizen of this nation!! Their only argument is fear and control, yet they neglect Law, reason, and science. They have no constitutional right nor mandate to infringe on the Second Amendment! They are in violation and must be held accountable for their treason against our Constitution. Law-abiding citizens must NOT allow the government officials to continue their unconstitutional assault against us and our Civil Rights!!

My biggest issue with any ammo ban is that restricting the ammo available to law-abiding citizens alters the intent of our Second Amendment to our Constitution. “Shall not be infringed” is a very specific commentary on what our Founders thought should and should not come to pass. Our Constitution makes it clear that our Founders intended us to be able to defend ourselves from enemies, foreign and domestic, and that the Constitution did NOT have the intent that citizens should only have the right to keep and bear arms without ammunition for defensive purposes. During our War of Independence, British commanders complained about American made Kentucky rifles, because of our superior range and accuracy. Our present government is whining about our constitutionally guaranteed rights and infringing as the British did to confound, deny, and restrain us from the full exercise of our natural Rights of self-defense. Our government officials are lying and cheating to get their own way, instead of abiding by the language and Law of our Constitution. Our Constitution does NOT discriminate against any form of ammunition, unlike the modern governmental oversight that declares that ‘sporting’ purposes are the only legitimate measure for ammunition manufacture for, and ownership by, law-abiding citizens. Governmental restriction of ammunition is nonsense, as it voids the intent of our Constitution, since our Constitution clearly states that arms are primarily for the protection of our citizens, with no mention of a ‘sporting’ use qualifier.

Constitutional protection clearly means the Right and ability of law-abiding citizens to stop the threat of evil and attackers against ourselves, or against those we love. If armored attackers come up against us then we should be able to arm ourselves with armor piercing ammo, without infringement. Guess what! The bad guys already have, or can get, on the black market, all the military-grade armor and armor-piercing ammo that they want, whether their intent is to attack law-enforcement personnel or civilians. All the governmental restrictions against civilians having and using armor piercing ammo are grossly negligent, in that, such restrictions condemn law-abiding citizens to “inferior” weaponry for self-defense. It is common knowledge that anyone with malicious intent can gain access to any kind of weapon that they desire, given the time, effort, and resources needed to acquire such weapons. Even so-called anti-gun politicians have participated in that black market. Illegal arms trafficking by California’s Senator Yee clearly demonstrated that to be true.

All the laws and rules in the world will NOT stop illegal arms traffic, so long as those with evil intent continue to sustain that trade. Even if all arms and ammo are taken away from all law-abiding citizens, that shall NOT stop the criminal use of arms by those with evil or criminal intent. Fear and ignorance run rampant among the anti-Rights, anti-gun populace of our nation, and among those in the general population who do not bother to research the real causes and means of violence in our nation. Few, if any, have ever read John Lott Jr’s “More Guns, Less Crime”, a heroic, nationwide, scientific study of the issues of firearms ownership in relation to violence. Couple that public fear and ignorance with the manipulative pandering of politicians who are bent on gutting our Constitution of all meaning, and who are intent on destroying our Civil Rights, and you end up with our present anti-rights, anti-gun ‘perfect storm’ of fearful public knee-jerk voting and political haymaking, the combination of which is rapidly eroding, dissolving, and replacing the Rights of every law-abiding citizen in this nation with self-serving governmental overlords who make “public safety” promises that they can never keep and which they have no means of fulfilling.

If law-abiding citizens continue to allow the government to take away our rights, then, there will surely be blood in virtually every street, as persons with evil intent increase their criminal, anti-social, violent activities, against which even a “cop on every corner’ will not suffice to curb the volume of criminal actions against unarmed citizens. Law-abiding citizens who value their Civil Rights, at all, MUST stand up and engage themselves in this battle. We all must shoulder our responsibilities to resist this increasingly oppressive and overbearing government that has almost entirely discarded our U.S. Constitution and which totally disrespects the Rights of every U.S. citizen.


One Bill At A Time!

To make it VERY EASY for you to contact all 2015 session CT Legislators, here are three lists.

To email ALL CT in-State Legislators at the same time:

To email all CT in-State Representatives at the same time:

To email all CT in-State Senators at the same time:

  1. Block Copy all of the listed email address set that you want
  2. Paste addresses into the TO: box of your email
  3. Write your message
  4. Hit send!

When writing to your legislators:

  1. Be respectful of their Office, whether you like the person or not. You don’t like it when someone calls you names.
  2. For ‘block’ emails to a whole group of legislators you might start the message with, “Dear Senators”, “Dear Representatives”, or “Dear Legislators”, depending on which group you’re writing.
  3. Start your message body with something like, “With all due respect to your Office, I ask you to (support or oppose) (HB# or SB#)…”
  4. Be calm, and Be precise.
  5. Tell them what bill numbers you’re concerned about in the House (HB#) or Senate (SB#)
  6. Give them one or two short clear reasons why they should or should not support the bill/s.
  7. Don’t be afraid to save yourself time and effort by sending the same message to the same legislators on more than one occasion! …Especially on critical bills that affect how our government supports or undermines our Constitution and Rights.
  8. Don’t lecture the Legislators, but make your message factual, bold, and let them know that you care about how they vote, and that you’re watching their vote.
  9. IF they do vote the way that you want, then reward them with a short positive message. They may remember that next time you email about another bill. They are aware of voters who speak their minds. It’s not about being fancy, but honest. Set the standard for them!!
  10. When you sign off, under your signature, it doesn’t hurt to list your firearms-related group affiliations, your degrees, your veteran status, and stuff like that. This lets them know that you talk to other voters who have the same interests as you.

Hey! The socialists, collectivists, and welfare crowd can get all sorts of services by whining and complaining, so, we should be able to get our elected officials to do what’s right as we repeatedly petition them for “redress of grievances” and to restore our government to constitutional law.

“One bill at a time!”

Connecticut Arms Permits? No Constitutional Reason

Now, let’s assume that we all have taken and read the results of that poll, and understand that almost everyone in Connecticut doesn’t want a bunch of firearms laws on the books! Great! Now, what is each one of us going to do about getting rid of all those bad laws that exist in Connecticut? We need to put our thoughts and beliefs into practice immediately, today, and every day, working to purge our state of the legislative, judicial, and executive corruption of our Constitution!

We, Connecticut citizens, MUST get busy, in practical ways, to force our government to abide by our Constitution. We can NO LONGER keep allowing our Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches to strip us of our constitutional and natural Rights. We MUST fight for our Constitution, or else we shall only pay lip service to it. Are we going to live like hypocrites, as does our government? They pledge themselves to our Constitution, to look good, then they look for and find ways to violate it. Instead of honoring the language of our Constitution they look for loopholes. Instead honoring our Rights, we let them hand us a Permit to Carry.

How can we, the citizens of our state, tolerate the State Government telling us what it will or will not allow when our Constitution has already plainly said that we have that Right to bear arms. Rights are self-governed by responsible citizens. They are, by definition, a law unto themselves, needing no other law of elaboration or control, for we, who are responsible arms owners are self-governing. It is only when people break the Law of God and of our Constitution that they have shown themselves unworthy as citizens and thereby lose their Rights as citizens. Until such time as a citizen is convicted of crimes and stripped of constitutional rights, he/she is considered innocent and retains said rights. It is, therefore, UNCONSTITUTIONAL for any branch of this state’s government to infringe in any way upon the Constitution or the Rights of any citizen, including with regard to our Right to bear arms.

Let us all work, therefore, to overcome the decades of fear, ignorance, and legal improprieties that have violated the Constitution of the State of Connecticut, and infringed upon the Rights of the citizens of this State. Honor the language of our Constitution, and repeal the junk. God bless you to do right in His eyes and according to His Word. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33)





Complain In One Hand. Work With The Other. See Which Gets Full Faster.

Back in the late Nineteen-Sixties, an Army buddy told me one of his dad’s favorite sayings. I won’t quote its original worldly content, but, as you can see from the title of this article, its inherently wise principle has helped me explain many things to many people.

As I publish comments about unconstitutional attacks on our Civil Rights, I get feedback and emails from well-intended people who use a lot of angry name calling, complaining, and finger pointing about the ongoing attacks against our constitutional Rights. Also, I get frustrated, fearful, and apathetic comments, as well as comments from people who feel that their only option is to try to find a ‘safe’ place to hide, as if this current civil rights war were a summer shower that will soon blow past, even though it has been going on for over eighty to one hundred years.

While I understand the worldly, fleshly fears and outpouring of anger, about infringements against our Rights, yet, not one of those bits of angst will fix anything that is wrong with our State or our Nation. Why won’t anger and name calling work? Because the powers-that-be do not care about anyone’s feelings, especially if the powers-that-be see us as emotional children throwing tantrums, or if they see us as unwilling to personally risk our own lives and fortunes in support of our civil rights. They especially do not care about us if we are unwilling to work for the cause, the candidates, and to speak out and vote against the existing unconstitutional powers.

All our emotional roller-coaster rides are worthless, especially IF we are not willing to put our lives where our mouths say we want to be. We cannot expect anyone else to do what we are unwilling to do. IF “we, the People” are not willing to stick out our own necks, to risk our own reputations and our own fortunes, for what we claim to believe, then politicians and public officials are seldom, if ever, going to risk anything on behalf of us, or on behalf of our Constitution, irrespective of their oath of office.

The Bible tells Christians, “…be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves” (James 1:22). Likewise, “We, the People” have to stop deceiving ourselves about our responsibilities. We must get off our haunches and do the necessary work. We need to get out of our hiding places and into the battles. We need to actively and openly engage in our constitutional responsibilities. Every constitutionally positive thing that we do is a good light that exposes and pushes back the darkness of those who fight against our Rights. “We, the People” must actively and openly oppose the unconstitutional actions of those who seek to destroy our Constitution, our Nation, and our freedoms.

All our name calling, that we throw at our detractors, and all our whining, about entitlements to our freedoms, are useless. Those who are working unconstitutionally do not care about honor, respect, our Constitution, or about “we, the People”. People who are working to destroy our Rights do NOT care about the personally accountable citizenship to which our Constitution calls U.S. citizens. Our Constitution makes it plain that working to defend our Constitution and freedoms is the responsibility of every citizen of these United States of America. Any among us who speaks or acts contrary to our Constitution and our freedoms (whether by action or by apathy), puts into motion the Bible principle that when we know right from wrong, but we fail to do right, that, too, is sin (James 4:17).

So, what shall we do? Jesus said to His disciples, “…he that is not against us is for us” (Luke 9:50). That’s great when people agree with us! It’s even better when they pitch in and help us do the work! As in the Bible, our Constitution has very specific language about many things that are intended to respectively limit and unfetter our lives, for our own benefit, and all of those strictures and liberalities acknowledge and demand that we take personal responsibility for our actions. Therefore, as those who oppose the language of the Word of God are against God and His followers, so, also, those who oppose the language of our Constitution are against our Constitution and its supporters and defenders. There is no neutral ground that allows for fear or apathy as an excuse for not fulfilling our constitutional duties, as U.S. citizens. There is no ‘safe’ place to hide to escape what God says or what our Constitution says. Delusion and denial may be popular, but are not safe places to hide, either. Let’s be honest with ourselves and get busy doing what we are supposed to do biblically and constitutionally.

We must all stop our negative emotional churning and venting, replacing our angry, vengeful name calling with positive outreach. We need to show our opponents our life-changing, self-risking, self-exposure and commitment to the cause that we say we believe in. If we spent even half as much time working constructively on our pro-Rights cause, as we do lamenting how awful things are, then we could effect some tremendous changes, for the better, all around us. Let’s not get bogged down in self-destructive emotionally-driven turmoil and inaction that play into the hands of those who fight against our Constitution and our Rights. Our State and Federal Constitutions are documents about actions, not lethargy or apathy, so let’s get busy.

How can we work effectively?

  1. Join one or more active pro-Rights groups that are financially transparent. Responsible groups will welcome your interest in their fiscal accountability.
  2. Donate financially to the groups you join. Pro-Rights groups cannot tackle educational, legislative, and legal challenges without financial backing from members. Give wisely and generously. Ask yourself, and God, prayerfully, where your money will make the most positive impact.
  3. Volunteer, and act, in concert with the groups you join. Don’t wait for them to do the work for you.
  4. Make suggestions to your groups. Groups that really want to work on the issues will welcome your responsible participation, workmanship, and your suggestions.
  5. Do NOT wait for your group to come up with ideas for you to work on, but be aware of what battles are being fought and get involved in one or more, as you are able. Advise your group of what you are doing. Your reports will encourage others.
  6. Be willing to be available and used as part of your group’s team effort.
  7. Write, call, fax, email your public officials about the relevant issues. Be respectful. Be accurate. Be brief and to-the-point about what you expect of the officials, and why you expect them to see things your way. As the old bumper sticker said, “When the people lead, the leaders will follow.”
  8. Never be ashamed of the Bible, Jesus Christ, or our State or Federal Constitution. If you really believe in those, do not hesitate to respectfully cite your faith and convictions.
  9. Never be afraid to hold public officials accountable for their words and actions. They occupy their offices under oath, and are there to serve, not to dictate to, our State and Federal Constitutions.
  10. Remember that every change must start with each of us as individual citizens. If I, as an individual citizen, am not willing to repent and allow God to bring my life more into submission to His biblical plan for my life, and more in tune with our State and Federal Constitutions, then I cannot reasonably expect our government or the officials thereof to return to godly living and constitutional government. Godly repentance, and reformation of our government, both start with me, a citizen, right here, right now.

My Army buddy’s dad said it a lot more crudely, but, …complain in one hand, and work with the other, then see which proves more effective in restoring our Rights.



A Short and Busy, but Successful Month

As we end the month of February, and this newsletter comes out a bit on the late side, it is a good chance to recap this month and the progress we have made. This month was largely consumed by the 2015 Fishing and Hunting Show. This is the second consecutive year we have done this show, and we are proud to say that each year so far we have had a better showing and more success.

This year, we were able to meet and talk to hundreds of people, despite two days of snow and ice. Luckily, people interested in what we have to say are usually hardy folks and they are not scared of a little snow. Over the course of the 3 day show we raised $1,500 in funds, mostly through merchandise sales. We sold a lot of Connecticut Carry logo shirts and hoodies, Keep Calm and Carry shirts and stickers. We also had many great donations given to us.

We appreciate everyone who was able to make it down to the show, as well as those who worked in the background to support the show. These shows are a lot of work, and they are demanding of our unpaid, all volunteer staff, especially because we strive to make our presence better, more professional and more successful at each event. This show, for the first time, we rented two booths – 20 foot by 10 foot. We added the furniture required to stock that increased area, including tables, tablecloths, merchandise displays, publication racks and a professional donation lock box in addition to last year’s booth equipment which included an AV display, banners, half the merchandise displays, electronic membership sign up system, handouts and more. It was important to us to have the room to pull people into the booth and have them stay a while, and at the same time have things to do, people to talk to and things to buy while they were inside it.

In addition to the inanimate entertainment, we had great guest visits by the entire Summary Judgment cast: Ret CSP Lt. Col. and Summary Judgment Co-Host Matt Tyszka was present on Friday, with Connecticut Carry Director and Summary Judgment Co-Host Edward Peruta joining us on Saturday escorting Attorney Rachel Baird, the host of Summary Judgment and the most prominent firearms attorney in Connecticut. These guest visits were great and a big help to people with questions that stopped by our booth. Thank you to the Summary Judgment crew for helping us out and keeping us company.

One of the other things that we focused on for this show was working to make our event setups more portable. We are still looking for an event coordinator and volunteer crew that will be able to help us put on these shows and events. There is a fair bit of work involved with these events, for sure, but they are also fun and very rewarding. Possibly more importantly, they are a great way to help Connecticut Carry stay strong in this fight. If you have been wondering what you can do to help out in the fight, please consider volunteering. We need people to store, transport, setup and attend these shows. At the shows, we need people who can man the booths, sells merchandise, operate a cash register, talk to attendees and assist people in finding answers to their questions. Not everyone needs to be able to do all things. We can have teams of people that all help with different aspects.

Consider volunteering with Connecticut Carry so that we can keep expanding our show and event presences which help grow the organization. Contact us at for more information or to volunteer.


Alright. So you have made the decision to get involved. The 2015 legislative session began on Jan 7th and will run until June 3rd. You have opinions, and the legislators need to hear them before they vote. You need to get up to speed quickly. So where do you go to find out how to contact those legislators? Where can you find their email addresses, phone numbers, even their home addresses?

This is all available on Connecticut Carry’s legislative site where we list all the legislators as well as all of their contact information. In addition, we also provide an indication on our legislator lists with their vote on the 2013 Gun Ban. This is the spirit of our 2013 Gun Ban Campaign – Never Forgive, Never Forget.

In addition to a list of all the legislators, we offer a filtered view of either all representatives or all senators. This can help you narrow your hunt for information in many situations. We also have links on our legislative page that can help you filter by legislators that voted for or against the 2013 Gun Ban.

Click on the email address will help you quickly write an email to the legislator. Clicking on the legislator’s name will bring up that legislator’s detail page with more information on the legislator.

Direct link to all legislators:

Direct link to all representatives:

Direct link to all senators:


Legislative Watchdogs – The bill tracking system

Our website’s bill tracking system is now up and running for the 2015 legislative session. Many people will see the bills listed on our public interface as well as our position supporting or opposing  those bills. But there is quite a bit they won’t see. Many members will not see much of it as well. For every public or member facing page on our site, there are pages, database tables and utilities that contribute to those pages and the information they display. Our volunteer workers with access to that functionality see this on a regular basis.

The major factor in our legislative bill tracking is human. We have and need what we call ‘Legislative Watchdogs’, which simply need to monitor the Connecticut General Assembly website and take note of the bills that are introduced each day that may impact our rights.

From the time that they recognize a bill may impact us, the Watchdogs simply need to enter this information onto our website (which they have been granted permissions to do). From entering the bill number, which house it is being presented in, and copying and pasting the descriptions from the CGA site, the data is entered into a queue that is invisible from the public.

Connecticut Carry Directors, however, are able to see the bills that have now been entered into the tracking system and enter a support or oppose vote that promotes the bill as well as our position to the public and to our members. We keep this decision making process delegated to our directors because the directors of Connecticut Carry are the decision making people of Connecticut Carry. The directors have the experience and inside knowledge to know whether it would be advantageous or not to support a bill. In a similar fashion, we may want to oppose a bill. Either decision requires Connecticut Carry resources and needs to be a leadership decision.

Once a bill has a position, it appears to members and to the public on our legislative bill tracker. Future goals for this system include making sure each bill has an attached position statement, with a potential press release and template letter for our members to use as well when contacting their legislators or making public statements, such as at public hearings conducted by legislative committees. Unfortunately, some of these future goals are time-intensive and our personnel are booked solid. We need more legislative volunteers to help keep up the energy and work.

If you are interested in becoming a Legislative Watchdog, or in getting involved in our legislative program, please contact us at:

Richard Burgess


Connecticut Carry