Ed Peruta's FOI request for full backlog information


Commissioner Bradford,

Please forward this request to the SPBI Unit and Ms. Powell.

As the custodian of your departments public records and information, I request that you direct the appropriate members of your department to provide prompt access to the information requested in this email.

The following is a request for prompt access to readily accessible non exempt computer generated data regarding the process of obtaining STATE CRIMINAL HISTORY records check information from SPBI.


I request that this information be made available in a workable computer file where sorting of the fields is possible to analyze the information provided.


Following recent testimony by Steven Spellman to the State Legislature regarding the current backlog of STATE CRIMINAL HISTORY records checks in your SPBI Unit, I request the following. Mr. Spellmanstestimony is available for your review at this internet location:   ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDLX3B0GLOo&feature=youtu.be  ) 


The list of codes used to identify and/or classify the reason for the STATE CRMINAL HISTORY records check being requested.


A complete computer file listing all fingerprint based requests for STATE CRIMNAL HISTORY records checks made to your Departments SPBI unit SINCE OCTOBER 1, 2009, relating to applications, licenses, permits, employment or positions  whether public or private.  The following areas are specifically requested and may be expanded upon receipt of the codes used to classify the type of request made to SPBI.

1.      Fingerprint based requests for STATE CRIMINAL HISTORY records checks received regarding Public employment with any federal, state or local government agency or department.

2.      Fingerprint based requests for STATE CRIMINAL HISTORY records checks received regarding Public or Private Employment or positions where criminal history records checks are required by law.

3.      Fingerprint based requests for STATE CRIMINAL HISTORY records checks received from private employers.

4.      Fingerprint based requests for STATE CRIMINAL HISTORY records checks received regarding from private individuals.

5.      Fingerprint based requests for STATE CRIMINAL HISTORY records checks made where expedited handling is requested.

6.      Fingerprint based requests for STATE CRIMINAL HISTORY records checks received regarding ANY AND/OR ALL Federal, State or Local Permits and/or licenses.

7.      Fingerprint based requests for STATE CRIMINAL HISTORY records checks received regarding applications to obtain or renew Permits to Carry Pistols or revolvers.


The minimum information requested includes but is not limited to:


             The specific name of the company or government agency making the request on an individual             

             The date each request was received by SPBI

             The date each request was completed by SPBI

             The date each request was returned to the individual, company or government agency that made the request

             The amount charged and/or received regarding the request.

             The code assigned to classify the reason for the request.

             A complete list of codes used to classify the reasons for the STATE CRMINAL HISTORY RECORDS CHECK being conducted.

             Any recent or current directives put in place since October 1, 2009 to prioritize the handling of STATE CRMINAL HISTORY RECORDS CHECKS.

             Any recent or current directives put in place since October 1, 2009 to prioritize STATE CRMINAL HISTORY RECORDS CHECKS pertaining to Permits to Carry Pistols or Revolvers.


This request is for PROMPT ACCESS due in part to the current backlog as recently testified to by Steven Spellman to the Connecticut State Legislature in behalf of your department/agency.

The public records and information requested AT THIS TIME, does not currently include the name of the individuals who were the subject of the STATE CRMINAL HISTORY BACKGROUND CHECKS.

This information is similar to and an expansion of, information previously obtained regarding backlogged requests regarding Temporary Permits to Carry Pistols and Revolvers.

This information is needed to properly inform and discuss the issue with members of the legislature and public regarding the current situation regarding the backlog of STATE CRIMINAL HISTORY BACKGROUND CHECKS many of which have been paid for in advance by those who made the requests.

I am prepared to discuss and explain this request should you or any member of your agency have problems understanding what is requested.

I authorized Attorney Rachel M. Baird to act in my behalf in obtaining the requested information and records.


Edward A. Peruta

American News and Information Services Inc.

38 Parish Road

Rocky Hill, CT 06067

I am currently out of state for an extended period of time, and request any response to be made via email to edperuta@amcable.tv and/or rbaird@rachelbairdlaw.com

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