Ed Peruta's email to Mike Lawlor


From: Edward Peruta [mailto:edperuta@amcable.tv]
Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2012 10:54 AM
To: 'Lawlor, Mike'
Cc: 'Rachel M. Baird'
Subject: FW: Request for prompt access to computer generated and stored data


Every individual who is the subject of a State Criminal History Records check for a Temporary State Permit to Carry Pistols or revolvers has paid the unauthorized $50.00 fee top the state.

Kindly inform Governor Malloy that I would like him to instruct his agencies to strictly adhere to the laws as passed though the legislative process.

Obtaining and possessing a handgun or firearm in the home by non-disqualified individuals is a CORE Second Amendment Right under both the State and Federal Constitutions.

To collect fees without first performing the service paid for is outrageous.

To mislead elected public officials in the performance of their duties is also outrageous.

I believe that there is NO priority put on state background checks for those seeking Permits to Carry or Eligibility Certificates and the legislature was misled by Steve Spellman.

If the lack of manpower or funds is a valid reason to violate the law by government agencies, then it should be valid when done by private citizens.

Speeding to get to work or while working to generate more income is a perfect example.


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