Document Title File Name Download
Sgt. Belcher confirms no more SPBI backlog BelcherReplyNoBacklog.pdf Download
Email exchange between Connecticut Carry, Sgt Belcher and Attorney Hatfield EmailExchangeHatfieldBelcher.pdf Download
Attorney Hatfield's reply to Connecticut Carry demand AttorneyHatfieldReplyToSgtBelcherEmail.pdf Download
SPBI Fingerprinting Flowchart Flow Chart of Applicants Received by Mail .docx Download
Fingerprint Codes used by SPBI Fingerprint Codes used by SPBI.pdf Download
Letter to Ed Peruta from Representative Candelora Ed_Letter_From_Rep_Candelora.pdf Download
Reply from Commisioner Bradford Letter_From_Comm_Bradford.pdf Download
Ed Peruta's email to Mike Lawlor Ed_email_to_Mike_Lawlor.pdf Download
Ed Peruta's FOI request for full backlog information Ed_FOI_Request_For_Full_Backlog.pdf Download
State Police Memo on SPBI backlog State Police Backlog Memo.pdf Download
Letter to Representatives and Senators Connecticut Carry - Letter to reps - Merged.pdf Download
Letter to Governor (PDF) Connecticut Carry - Letter to Governor.pdf Download
Letter to Commissioner (PDF) Connecticut Carry - Letter to Commissioner.pdf Download
Sorted list of permit backlog (Word format) Sorted Towns FP pending .doc Download
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