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List of firearms destroyed by Connecticut State Police 1/1/2013 - 10/1/2013 Spreadsheet of 2012 Firearms Destroyed.xlsx Download
Attorney Baird request to return firearms TrentEric_DESPPLtr_FirearmsReturn_071513.pdf Download
Attorney Baird reply to DESPP admission TrentEric_BairdRachelLtrResponse_091213.pdf Download
State Police Response to Federal Complaints Against Ex Parte Abuse Trent State Police Response.pdf Download
Request for FBI Investigation Against DESPP Press Release - FBI Criminal Complaint Filed.pdf Download
Letter threatening arrest SLFU Ex Parte Letter Redacted.pdf Download
Connecticut Carry Letter to US Senate, US House and FBI over Ex Parte abuse CTCarry_SenReidLtr_FINAL_080513_redact.pdf Download
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