As of 4/4/2013, SB 1160 is now in effect across Connecticut. This 138 page gun ban drastically alters the laws regarding firearms in Connecticut. No answer in this FAQ should be considered updated until this message is removed. We will be reviewing the new laws and the impacts they will have on Connecticut law and updating this FAq and our site as necessary.

Please stay tuned...

With very few exceptions you cannot bring into Connecticut any firearm that is classified as an "Assault Weapon". See Connecticut General Statute Sec. 53-202a for the definition of an "assault weapon", the banned by name firearms, and what features are permitted/prohibited on firearms manufactured after September 13, 1994. See Connecticut General Statute Sec. 53-202d (b) for the very narrow exceptions.

For any semiautomatic rifle manufactured after September 13, 1994 ("post ban"), which is capable of accepting a detachable magazine; one must remove, grind off, or fix/pin in place the following items if said rifle has more than two of the these features.

  • A folding or telescoping stock
  • A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon
  • A bayonet mount
  • A flash supporessor or threaded barrel designed to accomodate a flash suppressor
  • A grenade launcher


For example on a "post ban"AR-15 rifle, since they generally have a pistol grip and a threaded barrel, one must remove a flash suppressor and pin in place a brake or compensator. If the "post ban" AR-15 has a collapsible stock in addition to a pistol grip and threaded barrel, the collapsing stock also must be pined or fixed in place so it cannot collapse or expand. On "post ban" AR-15 with a pistol grip and threaded barrel and a bayonet mount, one can simply grind off, or down, the bayonet mount.

Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 53-202m.

Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 53-202m.

Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 53-202d

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