The investigation of the origins of this totalitarian bill started as soon as work was complete on defeating the bill. The investigation started with an FOI request to Diana Urban requesting that she turn over all documents, emails and other correspondence about the bill so we could see where the bill came from and what false premises lead to the extreme ignorance and outright lies that the legislators had replied with during our repeated correspondence about the current law and the proposed bill.

Despite her reluctant admittance that she was the author and creator of the bill, Diana Urban responded through legal counsel that she had no records to turn over with regards to the bill. Suspicious, we compiled a list of possible officials that she would have been likely to have had correspondence with. Individually, each of them had a similar FOI request sent to them. Not surprisingly, one by one, they started to hand over document after document and long chains of emails that had Diana Urban's name in the 'from' and 'to' fields.

Clearly, Diana Urban had lied to us about her correspondence and had violated the FOI Act.

We continued to investigate and compile research data from our other sources that we then used to file a detailed complaint against Diana Urban with the FOI Commission. This complaint sought maximum civil penalties against Diana Urban for lying in her response and withholding public documents from us. To this day, we still have not received from her the documents that she owes us.

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