Email from:
Diana Urban

March 9, 2012


We added the orange tip language ( is not in the statute) which our police chief association support and our lawyers pointed out that the language in statute did not cover "on school grounds" . This bill was brought to my Committee by the police chiefs

I hope this gives you better idea of what the chiefs asked us to accomplish!

Rep urban

Email sent to:
Diana Urban

March 9, 2012

Representative Urban,

I have a few questions on your email:

1) Who do you represent? The citizens of Connecticut? Or the Police Chief's Association? If the Police Chiefs ask you to enact a law that harms citizens, where do you draw the line and what evidence do you seek from them?

2) How does CGS 53-206c not cover school grounds? There is certainly no exemption in the statute for school grounds or anywhere else. If there is some perceived hole in 53-206c, why not fix that statute? Please articulate this point.

3) Why are police chiefs bringing public safety bills to the Select Committee on Children?

4) If the Police Chiefs Association brought this bill before you, why is this not public information on your bill's web page? Why is there no written testimony from any representative of the Association?

5) Clearly you cannot address the concerns in my last email with an explanation of "on school grounds" when your bill contains a scope that still reaches far outside of school grounds. If your intent was to prevent BB guns or toy guns on school grounds, could you tell my why you are not limiting the entire scope of this bill to that cause?

6) I would appreciate it if you would provide the official correspondence where the Police Chief's Association requests this bill.

7) Can you articulate how you or the Police Chiefs believe that this law will prevent a child from bringing a 'look-a-like' firearm into a school anymore than any current school rule that usually ends in expulsion (a much heavier penalty, no?). Is it the legislature's will to make all school rules into laws? Are there currently school administrators watching helplessly as children run around their schools with facsimile firearms on display?

I hope you can clear up my questions.

Thank you for your time so far.

Richard Burgess
Connecticut Carry, Inc
Ph: 203-208-9577