Email from:
Diana Urban

March 14, 2012

Hi Rich

it was an incident at the High School in one of my towns that was the catalyst for the bill. Kids had a simulated firearm on school grounds with the tip blacked out and police responded to a call. They encountered one student with a gun to the head of another student. When the kids were told to drop their weapon they did not comply. The police had their weapons drawn and on the second request the student did drop what turned out to be a simulated weapon.

I am not sure why removal of the orange tip penalty concerns you. When that tip is removed it makes it virtually impossible for the police to tell whether a gun is real or not

It was the Police Department and the High School who requested that we do a bill. The Head of the Police Chief's Association appered at the press conference and spoke in favor of the bill

Diana S. Urban
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Email sent to: Diana Urban

March 14, 2012

Representative Urban,

One quick round of questions about your email and one repeated request.


1. How do you believe that your proposed bill would have stopped that incident?

2. Do you believe a person who puts a gun to another person's head (real or not) is going to stop and consider an infraction when they are committed to misdemeanors (and possible felonies) already?

3. Do you believe that it is impossible to take a firearm and paint the tip orange or that real firearms do not come in bright colors already?

4. Would you want to give police a false sense of security that anything with an orange tip is safe and anything without an orange tip is not?

Repeat request:

- Please send me the proposal for this bill that you reported receiving from the police chief's association. If you are changing your story that the police chief's association proposed this to you and your committee, please indicate who exactly proposed it and please send me their correspondence where they request this bill.

As for "why the removal of the orange tip penalty concerns" me, it is because the very premise defies common sense. The language of your bill does nothing to protect anyone, and only serves to create confusion, problems and false senses of security. Your bill actually has the possibility to endanger your constituents, the police, myself and my members. I have a vested interest in ensuring this bill does not progress any further. I believe you should as well.

Thank you,

Richard Burgess
Connecticut Carry, Inc
Ph: 203-208-9577