Email sent to:
Diana Urban

March 21, 2012

Representative Urban,

As this is now my third request for you to produce the correspondence you have cited as inspiration for HB 5220, I feel it necessary to now make this an official request. I am disappointed that this public information was not made available to me upon my first request. I have attached a copy of this request in pdf format for your convenience.

To: Representative Diana Urban, Chair, Select Committee on Children

Freedom of Information Request

For prompt access to public records

Please provide prompt access during business hours to the correspondence referenced in your emails to Rich Burgess via email address on 3/9/2012 (1:44 PM) and 3/14/2012 (3:16 PM) where you indicate that there is correspondence between yourself and:

“The Police Chief’s Association”

“the Police Department”

“the High School”

This pertains to any and all correspondence where they “requested that we do a bill” or where “the bill was brought to my Committee”.

If this correspondence was sent to you in electronic format, I request that it stay in electronic format and that it be forwarded to me via email. If not, I will make myself available to inspect hard copies of this correspondence.

This request is made in accordance with the Connecticut Freedom of Information Statutes and all other relevant Connecticut General Statutes.


Richard Burgess
Connecticut Carry, Inc
Ph: 203-208-9577