Email from:
Diana Urban

March 28, 2012

Representative Urban,

The bill did not go forward.It was voted out of the Children's Committee but did not get out of the Public Safety Committee.

You can see the press conference on CTN where the 2 chiefs spoke, there are articles in the New London Day where the Stonington Police give background information and we had a meeting at stonington police headquarters where sen maynard and I were first informed about the issue.

Are you seeking more information?

Email sent to:
Diana Urban

March 28, 2012

Representative Urban,

I believe my request was very clear:

Please provide prompt access during business hours to the correspondence referenced in your emails to Rich Burgess via email address on 3/9/2012 (1:44 PM) and 3/14/2012 (3:16 PM) where you indicate that there is correspondence between yourself and:

“The Police Chief’s Association”

“the Police Department”

“the High School”

This pertains to any and all correspondence where they “requested that we do a bill” or where “the bill was brought to my Committee”.

If this correspondence was sent to you in electronic format, I request that it stay in electronic format and that it be forwarded to me via email. If not, I will make myself available to inspect hard copies of this correspondence.

You indicated in your emails in this very email thread, that you had correspondence between these elements and yourself requesting this bill and advising you on this bill. This request is for access to that correspondence.

Here is where you indicate correspondence exists:

It was the Police Department and the High School who requested that we do a bill.

We added the orange tip language ( is not in the statute) which our police chief association support and our lawyers pointed out that the language in statute did not cover "on school grounds" .

This bill was brought to my Committee by the police chiefs

I hope this gives you better idea of what the chiefs asked us to accomplish!

A second copy of this request is again attached.

Please indicate when these records will be made available.

Thank you,

Richard Burgess
Connecticut Carry, Inc
Ph: 203-208-9577