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Committee on Select Committee on Children

Members of the Committee,

I am writing to express my opposition to House Bill 5220 that would serve to ban air guns and ‘look-a-like’ firearms from within 1500 feet of school properties.

This bill is massively over reaching in its attempt to provide a solution to a non-existent problem. There is no current epidemic of air guns and ‘look-a-like’ firearms being brought into or around our schools. There is no tangible danger of an air gun or ‘look-a-like’ firearm being present within 1500 feet of our school properties. Further, current laws already make the kind of behavior this bill seems to be attempting to preemptively strike out against illegal. The bill’s broad scope would ban homeowners from owning air guns and children’s toys that resemble firearms within a quarter mile radius of all school properties. These zones will occupy a majority of many towns and cities and will make instant criminals out of many people because of a lack of clear and discernible indications of whether they are inside one of these zones. Law enforcement would also have a dramatically difficult time of trying to enforce this law since it would be difficult or impossible to mark the quarter mile zone around a school’s property.

This law is also rather redundant in the face of Connecticut General Statute 53-206c which makes it a class B misdemeanor to sell, brandish or carry “any nonfunctional imitation of an original firearm”. Any other threatening or violent behavior taken with a ‘look-a-like’ firearm is well covered in the remaining Connecticut General Statutes. This bill is a huge infringement on property rights and the rights of people to possess tools like air guns on their personal property with seemingly no justification based in reality for this loss of liberty.


Richard Burgess
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