State vs Duane Doutel has been dismissed

The aftermath of the judicial malfeasance ‘will not be pretty’
  • Norwalk, Connecticut, 7/30/2012
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The happy couple

Mr. Duane Doutel and his Attorney Rachel M. Baird appeared at the Norwalk courthouse (GA20) this morning for the newest leg of the ridiculous saga that has befallen Mr. Doutel. Mr. Doutel’s case was called first and a surprised and befuddled Magistrate tried to play catch up as the prosecution announced that they were willing to ‘nolle’ the charges after a year and five months. Attorney Baird made clear Mr. Doutel’s intent to see this trial through to a dismissal no matter what and that they had no plan to take a compromise like a nolle.

The prosecution completed their spineless slithering by agreeing to dismiss the charges rather than facing the onslaught that they knew would be delivered in a trial. We are confident this was a wise move for the prosecution.

Mr. Doutel’s criminal case has gone through three charges sequentially, each being dropped for a lesser charge each time the prosecution was challenged:

·          Threatening in the Second Degree (Class A misdemeanor)

·          Harrassment in the Second Degree (Class C misdemeanor)

·          Creating a public disturbance (Infraction)

The record of charges shows that the prosecution from the start knew that they had no case and that they only pursued the prosecution of these charges to penalize Mr. Doutel for standing up for himself.

Connecticut Carry commends Mr. Doutel for standing up for himself, for his rights and for standing up for the rights of citizens all across Connecticut by not laying down and surrendering to the ‘contempt of prosecution’ malice brought against him.

Our sincerest thanks and congratulations go out to Mr. Doutel and all the players in Mr. Doutel’s defense counsel. They have truly made a ‘dream team’ which protected a citizen’s rights and stopped a runaway prosecution and a careless court from taking a man’s liberties without cause.

Stay tuned for the ensuing payback exacted via Federal civil right suits.

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