Norwalk v Doutel - Arraignment

On February 25 2011, Mr. Doutel and Attorney John P. Regan show up at his arraignment after being released on a $2500 bond at Connecticut State Superior court GA 20 in Norwalk, Connecticut. Also in attendance is State’s Attorney Tiffany Lockshier who is the prosecution in Mr. Doutel’s case. The case is in front of Judge Bruce Hudock.

At Attorney Regan's urging, Mr. Doutel files an application with the prosecution for Accelerated Rehab. Mr. Doutel is apprehensive of this as he is aware he has done nothing wrong. The prosecution is obviously eager to oblige with this request.

This application for Accelerated Rehab will later be withdrawn when Attorney Baird begins to represent Mr. Doutel and Attorney Baird makes Mr. Doutel aware of the impact this will have on him and reassures him that he has not committed a crime. Mr. Doutel decides to fight and bring this case to trial.

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