Norwalk v. Doutel - Motion to Disclose Incident Report (04/05/2012)

Since the beginning of Mr. Doutel's case there has been the overshadowing problem that the accusations against Mr. Doutel have been based on falsehoods and outright lies. One of the most prominent of these lies has been the accusation that Mr. Doutel somehow 'brandished' a firearm in the doctor's office. While brandishing a firearm is not a crime in and of itself, Zwickler and the prosecution use this lie to try and peg Mr. Doutel as violent and unstable.

The truth of the matter is that Mr. Doutel never brandished a firearm. He would get undressed as the doctor ordered and place his lawfully carried Glock 19 under his hat, still in its holster. The firearm was not visible until a nosey Dr. Staw lifted the hat and noticed the firearm. This behavior is widely recommended to firearms carriers across the country to keep from having to discuss their firearm with their doctor and to keep the firearm as close to under their control as they can.

In this motion, Attorney Baird makes very clear to the judge and the prosecution that we know that Officer Zwickler took at face value the lies of a convicted felon doctor and took the liberty to lie in his police report that Mrs. Jeanine Roy stated that Mr. Doutel brandished his firearm. During the testimony of Jeanine Roy in the second hearing, she clearly admits that she has never seen Mr. Doutel with a firearm, let alone brandishing a firearm. Even Dr. Staw reports seeing a revolver, when Mr. Doutel did not own a revolver. Officer Zwickler cannot even get his report straight with regards to Jeanine Roy's position. He erroneously reports that she is an 'Officer Manager' when she is clearly a receptionist.

Attorney Baird makes a very reasonable request in this motion that since the state and the town of Norwalk have seen fit to put all of Mr. Doutel's business out in the open and try to convict him in the court of public opinion, that Officer Zwickler and his lies should be exposed to the same public scrutiny.

The court should let the public see Officer Zwickler's incident report and expose him and his lies. Officer Zwickler is still out patrolling the streets of Norwalk, and Mr. Doutel is still being denied his human rights. Stop infringing upon Mr. Doutel's rights, or show the world what Officer Zwickler has done.