Norwalk v Doutel - Motion for Removal of Protective Order (07/03/2012)

In response to the prosecution's motion to lower Mr. Doutel's charge from Second Degree Harrassment to Creating a Public Disturbance, Attorney Baird filed a motion on July 3rd, 2012 to remove the protective order that had been prohibiting Mr. Doutel from possessing weapons. The only justification the prosecution had previously been able to give for the continued protective order was the charge of Second Degree Harrassment.

With this move it becomes clear that the prosecution knows that they have no case against Mr. Doutel and that the only reason they have continued to try and justify the Second Degree Harrassment charge was to keep Mr. Doutel from being able to exercise his right to bear arms.

The stage is set, the prosecution has clearly been acting maliciously by overcharging Mr. Doutel and continually delaying Mr. Doutel's trial. In addition, the court has been complicit in not hearing Mr. Doutel's continued requests to have a hearing on whether the protective order is reasonable or not. Mr. Doutel has expressed interest in not giving in even to this low level infraction and seeing this case through to completion.

The prosecution's wall of illusion is crumbling. We have high hopes for more exciting good news soon.

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