Norwalk v Doutel - Motion for Speedy Trial (06/29/2012)

On June 29th, 2012, Attorney Baird filed a motion for a speedy trial on Mr. Doutel's behalf. Mr. Doutel has been strung along since February 16th, 2011 which has significantly impacted his constitutional right to a speedy trial. Mr. Doutel has had a misdemeanor criminal charge hanging over his head and has been prohibited from possessing or owning weapons since his arrest. His personal property consisting of firearms and related property have been in police custody all this time, as well as his wife's property as well.

In a hearing on May 7th, 2012 this was again brought up by Attorney Baird on behalf of Mr. Doutel and Judge Hudock coldly ignored the pleas for a speedy trial and instead ruled that the next hearing would be in September 2012. This is clearly unreasonable for a charge that is based on lies and ridiculous claims and assertions.

This motion makes clear that the court and the prosecution is clearly stomping on several of Mr. Doutel's constitutional rights by trying to drag this case out over 18 months.

The court has a responsibility to give Mr. Doutel a speedy trial. The prosecution needs to 'put up or shut up'. If they cannot go to trial with this case as it stands, they should dismiss the case as they should have done the moment they were handed the police report. Continuing this case in this manner is simply malicious and it is clear that the only purpose is to deprive Mr. Doutel of his rights.

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