Norwalk v Doutel - Status Update #4 (07/05/2012)

Background information to this status update is that the defense had filed a motion for a speedy trial, which was followed by the prosecution substituting a new charge of 'Creating a Public Disturbance'.

The obvious purpose of this substitution to an infraction was to deny the defendant his right to a jury trial. Clearly, the prosecution knows that going to trial with Harrassment in the Second Degree is not going to be a winner for them. They realize they have been pushed to show their hand, their hand is empty, so they are using the same tactic they have used from the start: stalling.

Attorney Rachel M. Baird is determined to not let this slide and go by quietly. She makes sure to put on the record how inappropriate this is and that the defendant wishes to still pursue a speedy trial on the Second Degree Harrassment charge. Since the motion for a speedy trial was filed first, it should stand to reason that the substituted charge be held irrelevant. Attorney Baird is continually and rudely interrupted by Judge Hudock who clearly does not want it put on the record how ridiculous this whole case and the court's handling of the same is. Attorney Baird even goes so far as to request that the whole court recuse itself and that Mr. Doutel be tried in a different venue since the court has proven itself to be unfair, biased and Connecticut Carry would go so far as to say: malicious.

Judge Hudock is quick to assert himself and his court to be fair. Which is an interesting proposition and seems to prove the opposite on the face of his words.

The prosecution once again tries to push the trial back to September, but Judge Hudock finally does something that could almost be considered 'honorable' and tells the prosecution to schedule it for July 30th.

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