Norwalk v Doutel - Timeline

Compiled by Joe Gasser and Duane Doutel

February 7, 2011
  • Duane Doutel seen with a firearm in Dr. Staw's office.

February 16, 2011
  • Police are called. Staw gives statement. Duane Doutel arrested for threatening 2nd (C.G.S. 53a-62)

February 25, 2011
  • Arraignment.

April 20, 2011
  • Defendant withdraws AR application; pleads not guilty on threatening 2nd; demands jury trial;

May 20, 2011
  • Before Judge Hudock
  • Defendant files Motion to Dismiss (not heard), Motion for Return of Seized Property (not heard),Motion to suspend appearances and/or for immediate trial. All denied.
  • State, without notice to defense, requests to add condition to bond that Doutel not possess firearms or apply for a permit.
  • Court over objection of defense, enters "temporary" order.
  • No hearing scheduled for argument on the temporary order.
  • State objects to pre-trial diversionary programs.

July 5, 2011
  • Before Judge Dennis
  • Substitute information filed for Harrassment 2nd (C.G.S. 53a-183)
  • Protective order entered: Defendant must remain 100 yards away from Sandy Staw, and no firearms allowed.
  • Judge Hudock's order still in effect. Still no hearing date scheduled when parties left courtroom.

August 22, 2011
  • Before Judge Dennis
  • Continued hearing on vacating temporary order.
  • Testimony from Dr. Staw. No threatening with firearm during Doutel's visit on February 7. Told by Doutel that he was permitted to carry it. There was no policy to prohibit firearms at the doctor's office, even though Staw had seen Doutel with firearms there at least twice before.
  • Testimony from Sandy Staw: never contacted State's Attorney's office saying she was afraid of Doutel. She only became aware of protective order when it was mailed to her office. She was not consulted before that. She never contacted State's Attorney requesting protective order. Never saw Doutel in possession of, or brandishing a firearm at any point; only knew he had one because Staw told her.
  • Testimony from Janine Roy: Never saw Doutel in possession of, or brandishing a firearm at any point; only knew he had one because Staw told her. Roy never asked for a protective order from police or court.
  • Judge Dennis took papers, later denied the motion to vacate, based on nothing more than the tone of defendant's voice in the voicemail he left. Note that it took her three full months to find some reason to deny the motion, even in light of the testimony she had just heard from the prosecution's own witnesses. You would think that a woman who began her legal career as a Public Defender would have some concept of the rights of the accused, but you would be wrong in so thinking.

May 7, 2012
  • Before Judge Hudock
  • Request for hearing re:disclosure of police report. Defendant makes request for prompt hearing. Denied. Date assigned for September 18th @ 2:00pm, well beyond the date required for a speedy trial.

June 29, 2012
  • Motion for Speedy Trial filed
  • On or about July 2, 2012: State issues Substitute information, infraction for Creating Public Disturbance

July 3, 2012
  • Defendant files motion to remove protective order

July 5, 2012
  • Before Judge Hudock
  • Defendant on the record seeks recusal of all Judges in GA-20
  • Defendant on the record seeks a change of venue
  • Defendant's request to create record for possible appeal is denied
  • Defendant provides notice that case will be appealed
  • Defendant makes oral objection to substitution of the infraction. Denied, assigned July 31 (?) for a Magistrate's trial. State argues that Defendant is no longer entitled to jury trial so the Motion for Speedy Trial is mooted.
  • Defendant requests that current protective order be lifted since NO CRIME is now alleged with Infraction. "So ordered".

July 30, 2012
  • Before Magistrate Paul Kaiser
  • Case dismissed. With all witnesses present, including the accuser Jared Zwickler, the Prosecution refused to go forward with a trial and agreed to dismiss all charges.

August 1, 2012
  • Norwalk Police Department surrenders seized property to Casey Doutel, with some of it missing and damaged. At this time, told to contact Lt. Michael Paul regarding the missing/damaged property, and given a phone number to call.

August 9, 2012
  • Duane Doutel’s Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers reinstated at SLFU in Middletown.

August 14, 2012
  • Attorney Baird sends letter to Chief Thomas Kulhawik of the Norwalk Police Deaprtment, demanding an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Doutel’s missing and damaged property.

August 20, 2012
  • The Doutels finally find out that Lt. Michael Paul, whom they had been directed to call regarding their missing and damaged property, has in fact retired, and that no one has been appointed to take over his duties.