SPBI Backlog - First Action Wave

DESPP is sitting on 1080 pistol permit background checks denying a fundamental right.

First Action Wave:

  • Write a letter to every Representative and Senator in Connecticut asking them to reform the permit laws to include penalties for State and Local authorities who do not abide by Connecticut General Statutes 29-28 and 29-29.
  • Write a letter to Governor Malloy asking him to reel in the DESPP and to investigate the cause of the backlog and the way to prevent further backlogs.
  • Write a letter to DESPP Commissioner Bradford requesting an investigation into the backlog and for reforms to prevent future backlogs.
  • Write a letter to Auditors of Public accounts requesting an audit of the SPBI's background check program.
  • Create a press release to help inform the media and citizens about the backlog issue and generate publicity to shine more light on SPBI's lack of performance.

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