SPBI Backlog - Second Action Wave

DESPP is sitting on 1080 pistol permit background checks denying a fundamental right.

Second action wave:

  • Connecticut Carry Director Ed Peruta has filed another FOI request, this time specifying a broader range of types of background checks. This will hopefully give us a basis to compare the permit backlog against and give us more data to use to inform legsilators.
  • The requirements around background checks are being researched to find out if there is a way already existing under the Connecticut General Statutes that these steps can be avoided altogether to expedite the permit process.
    (b) The local authority shall take the fingerprints of such applicant or conduct any other method of positive identification required by the State Police Bureau of Identification or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, unless the local authority determines that the fingerprints of such applicant have been previously taken and the applicant's identity established, and such applicant presents identification that the local authority verifies as valid. The local authority shall record the date the fingerprints were taken in the applicant's file and, within five business days of such date, shall forward such fingerprints or other positive identifying information to the State Police Bureau of Identification which shall conduct criminal history records checks in accordance with section 29-17a.

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