Connecticut Legislators Betray their Constituents

The citizens of Connecticut will not forgive or forget such deception and betrayal
  • Connecticut, April 2, 2013
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Monday, April 1st 2013 was indeed a bad joke for the citizens of Connecticut. The legislators announced their proposed legislation that aims to destroy the rights so many of us cherish in this state.

Several times and for several different occasions, thousands of critics of the proposed bills descended on the Legislative Office Building to express their opposition to the anti-rights rhetoric being discussed. They were opposed by dozens of people who sought to exploit victims of a terrible tragedy for political gain. Some people have no shame, particularly when it comes to the rabid fervor of exploiting tragedy to make further victims of law abiding citizens who have not hurt anyone.

The obvious ridiculousness of the disparity was quickly overshadowed by the outrageous nature of the proposal which, in addition to harming and insulting the citizens of Connecticut, clearly have nothing to do with the tragedy that befell Newtown. Instead of trying to address the nature of the horrific crime, the legislature has come up with proposals that clearly would not have prevented the massacre.

Danbury State's Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky clearly stated that there was no evidence that the murderer had ever failed a background check and no allegations have been made as to a criminal, violent or mental history that existed before the massacre. The background checks, safe storage and violent offender registry provisions of this proposal would all have been useless to the incident. The extra features in the firearm ban that the legislature is putting forth amounts to nothing that would have had any impact on the incident either. Indeed, it appears that the adults in the murderer’s household either had their proper permits or were in the process, negating the affect of any of the misguided permission slips in the propoal

The most startling absurdity comes from the legislature’s proposed magazine ban where they apparently think that criminals (like a mass murderer who just shot his mother in the head) will abide by the law suddenly and only load their 30 round magazines with 10 rounds. Amazingly, they also apply this to a law abiding citizen with a pistol permit (a state certified ‘good guy’) and dictate that the citizen must now only load their magazines in public with 10 rounds. By creating such a situation they give strong incentive for criminals to work in packs and to carry more firepower because they already know the upper limit of the potential defense that a citizen can be equipped with.

This bill might as well be known as the ‘Criminal Defense Act’, as the only possible lives it may save is a criminal who is posing an imminent threat of life or limb to a good citizen. It will certainly put the lives of a lot of good citizens at risk, and it will do absolutely nothing to prevent crime or senseless violence. We only need to look to Chicago for the consequences of such lunacy.

Connecticut’s legislators should be ashamed of themselves for such obvious deception and betrayal of the citizens of Connecticut by turning to the Emergency certification process to ram through a bill when the rest of their gun bans failed to make it through their legislative committees, destroyed by the public’s reactions to their proposed edicts. Indeed, they appear to be so ashamed and fearful of the public opinion against their betrayal that they refuse to even have public hearings on the proposal and instead seek to rush the vote as soon as the bill is written with no time to review it.

The voting scorecard from this bill will not be forgotten or forgiven. The citizens of Connecticut will hold those who vote in support of such tyranny accountable for their actions.


Connecticut Carry is dedicated to advancing and protecting the fundamental civil rights of the men and women of Connecticut to keep and bear arms for defense of themselves and the state as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Connecticut.


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